Recommended Puro: Pro Wrestling NOAH 2018

6th January Navigation For The Future

GHC Heavyweight Title Match 

Kenou (c) vs. Kaito Kiyomiya

Kiyomiya is 21 years old and has only two years of experience behind him. In reality he doesn’t have any business being anywhere near this match. He sure makes the most of it though, as Kenou leads the youngster through to a strong showing. They play off the fact it’s somewhat of a mismatch early on, but Kiyomiya builds momentum as things progress. Still they don’t try to make this anything it’s not, and the match is better for it.

11th March The Great Voyage In Yokohama

GHC Junior Heavyweight Title Match

Daisuke Harada (c) vs. HAYATA

A good meshing of styles and a pace that builds nicely to a fun finish make this one of NOAH’s better Junior heavyweight offerings. Give it a watch!

GHC Heavyweight Title Match

Kenou (c) vs. Takashi Sugiura

Kenou has all the skills required to take Sugiura down, but his pride leads him to fight Sugiura in a Suguira style match. The result is a physically intense match with some great storytelling thrown in.

31st March Global Tag League 

Go Shiozaki & Kaito Kiyomiya vs. Katsuhiko Nakajima & Masa Kitamiya

Its a shame we only get to see a limited amount of the GTL each year, since NOAH’s habit of pairing up top singles stars means it tends to produce some brilliant matches. Great character work and hard-hitting action make this the best match of the tournament, and the beginning of a nice little series between these two teams as well.

29th April  Great Voyage 2018 In Niigata

GHC Tag Team Title Match

Katsuhiko Nakajima & Masa Kitamiya (c) vs. Go Shiozaki & Kaito Kiyomiya

This matchup works so well because of the different elements each wrestler brings to the table. Kiyomiya is the young, plucky underdog, his partner Shiozaki is the tough-as-nails vet and the aggression play their roles as heels to perfection. It all makes for some damn good wresting.

29th May Navigation with Breeze

GHC Tag Team Title Match

Go Shiozaki & Kaito Kiyomiya (c) vs. The Aggression (Katsuhiko Nakajima & Masa Kitamiya)

Three matches in three months is quite a lot in Puro terms, but these teams outdo themselves yet again. It’s Nakajima, however, who shines the greatest here, as he produces a masterclass in how to be the ultimate heel with body language alone. That’s not to take away from everyone else, though, as all four men produce the best match of what has been a great trilogy.

GHC Heavyweight Title Match
Takashi Sugiura (c) vs. Naomichi Marufuji

We all know to expect a physically intense encounter when Sugiura is in the ring, but Marufuji doesn’t back down one bit as the two veterans set out to destroy one another with heavy strikes and the type of spots that will make you squirm in your chair. Wrestling may be “fake” but there’s no doubt these two were feeling this match the next morning.

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