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4th January Tokyo Joshi Pro 18

TOKYO Princess Of Princess Title Match 

Reika Saiki (c) vs. Miyu Yamashita

It’s a battle between Miyu’s Karate and Reika’s kickboxing, and as you might expect this match is full to the brim with stiff (like really damn stiff) kicks. Like DDT, TJP loves the silly stuff, but also like DDT, when it comes to the big main events it’s all business, and while this lacks variety at times, it’s worth a watch for sure. Did we mention the stiff kicks?

25th February DDT Into The Fight

Konosuke Takeshita & HARASHIMA vs. Shuji Ishikawa & Daisuke Sekimoto

The DDT Grand Prix winner Ishikawa and Takeshita have an upcoming title match, but before we get to that we have this great main event tag match to enjoy. Ishikawa and Seikimoto look to brutalise their smaller opponents with their usual no nonsense smash mouth style but Takeshita & HARASHIMA don’t back down in the slightest, with Takashita going so far as to trade lariats with the bigger Ishikawa.

3rd March BASARA Vajra 61-Seishun Suikoden

Union MAX Title

Isami Kodaka (c) vs. Tsutomu Oosugi

Kodaka is one of the more versatile wrestlers out there, in that he can work almost any type of match, whether its a flashy Junior sprint, hardcore deathmatch or a mat based affair. This is one of Kodaka’s slower paced matches here against Oosugi, but what it lacks in flash early on, it makes up for with simple, well done storytelling, that builds to a fun closing stretch.

25th March DDT Judgement

KO-D Six Man Tag Team Title Match

Shuten Doji (KUDO, Masahiro Takanashi & Yukio Sakaguchi) (c) vs. Koju Takeda, Kota Umeda & Yuki Ueno

Now this is how you book your six man titles to mean something and push young talent. The champs are jerks (though not overbearingly so) to the younger opposition throughout, as separate entities they’re superior and they know it too. The youngsters want it more though and they’re a tighter union then the opposition. Still it seems unlikely they win here, till Umeda decides it’s a good night to make himself a star and fancies a fight with Sakaguchi in a great closing stretch.

KO-D Tag Team Title

HARASHIMA and Naomichi Marafuji (c) vs Daisuke Sekimoto and Kazusada Higuchi

Oh man, big Chops and red chests all around here! Golden Lovers vs The young Bucks may steal all the headlines but DDT also offered up some great tag team action in a very well put together match. Marafuji is every bit the star we sometimes forget he is here, he doesn’t give a damn about how big and scary his opposition is, he’s going to kick those looks off their faces! Seikimoto and Higuchi refuse to be ignored though and they both bring their classic “Big Hoss” styles of offence. HARASHIMA is maybe the weak link but he makes his presence known late in the match. The only downside to this match is the closing stretch could have done with a couple minutes longer (which is refreshing since for most match’s these days they could do with some cutting late on) but don’t let that stop you watching this great piece of action.

KO-D Openweight Title

Konosuke Takeshita (c) vs. Shuji Ishikawa

Takeshita has been champion for over a year but hasn’t been able to shake his “Ace-lite” status and against the ever-growing star that is the Grand Prix winner Ishikawa, he feels very much like the underdog. They play off the champs vulnerability well and while you know Takeshita is going to make some huge kick-outs, you know Ishikawa has got something bigger and more brutal lined up straight after. DDT’s Judgement was maybe the best overall show this month and this proved to be a very descent closer.

29th April DDT Max Bump

DDT Extreme Title Normal Rules Match

Yuko Miyamoto (c) vs. HARASHIMA

Miyamoto is a death match guy, and so the Extreme title obviously suits him. Here however, Miyamoto is forced to defend his title under normal rules (because y’know, its DDT). This gives HARISHIMA something of an advantage, and he dominates early on. Miyamoto fights back though, and shows us there’s much more to him then hardcore wrestling. Things do get a little sloppy near the end, and there’s some bad selling here and there, but for fast paced action, you can’t go too wrong with this.

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