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Episode 37- G1 Climax Finals

Episode 36- G1 Climax Nights 11-15

Episode 35- G1 Climax Nights 8-10

Episode 34- G1 Climax Nights 4-7

Episode 33- G1 Climax Nights 1-3

Episode 32- G1 Special

Episode 31- CEOxNJPW

Episode 30- Vader, Kizuna Road

Episode 29- G1 Climax Preview

Episode 28- Dominion 2018 Review

Episode 27 BOSJ Review and Dominion Preview

Episode 26 BOSJ Days 3-8

Episode 25- BOSJ Nights 1 & 2

Episode 24- BOSJ 25 Preview

Episode 23- Wrestling Dontaku

Episode 22- Wrestling Hi No Kuni 2018 Review and more!

Episode 21 – Wrestling Dontaku and Wrestling Hi No Kuni Predictions

Episode 20- Lion’s Gate Project 11 & the Road to Wrestling Dontaku Shows

Episode 19- Wrestlemania Weekend


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