Book Review: John Lister’s Purodyssey: A Tokyo Wrestling Diary

It's undeniable that western interest in Japanese pro wrestling, specifically that of New Japan, has hit an all time high. The recent Strong style evolved show sold out in an impressive 20 minutes, western NJPW world subscriptions are as high as ever and the promotion has been making huge headway into the UK and Australia... Continue Reading →


A look Back at NJPW Invasion Attack 2014

There were some odd booking choices made for Invasion Attack 2014 with the nights top two singles matches Ishii/Naito and Tanahashi/Nakamura having both been recently featured on other events. Then you've got a tag match featuring MMA guys and Okada in what seemed a nothing tag. At the end of the day though its NJPW... Continue Reading →

A look back at NJPW Invasion Attack 2013

The first ever "Invasion Attack" show wasn't overly stacked but did feature a huge main event where the New Japan cup winner, Okada and IWGP Champion Tanahashi added another chapter to their rivalry. Elsewhere Nakamura looked set to continue raising the Intercontinental title's prestige and the NWA looks to uphold the events namesake. IWGP Junior... Continue Reading →

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