Stardom Goddess Of Destiny 2018 (Io Shirai’s Retirement) Live Report & Thoughts.

At 11:45am on Sunday June 17th the bell rang to signal the start of the Stardom Goddess of Destiny 2018 show at Korakuen Hall.  The show was headlined by the new Wonder of Stardom Champion, Momo Watanabe, making her first title defence against Jungle Kyona.  Momo represents new blood in Stardom – she is only... Continue Reading →


The Tiger Mask Vs. Dynamite Kid Match Series

Every now and then a series of matches come along in wrestling, that prove so innovative and influential, they change the landscape of wrestling. Austin vs Hart, Tsuruta vs Tenryu and the Michaels vs Ramon ladder matches, are all examples of matches that pushed the envelope and not only changed perceptions on what could be... Continue Reading →

Bio: Seiji Sakaguchi

A two time NJPW world league winner, United National champion and multi time tag champion with the likes of Giant Baba & Strong Kobayashi; Seiji Sakaguchi was a huge force in Japanese profesional wrestling for well over fifteen years. His name doesn't come up too much in conversation however, when talking about classic Japanese wrestling.... Continue Reading →

The IWE “Invasion” of NJPW

Twenty years before the outsiders appeared on WCW television, before the UWF invasion, or Riki Choshu's Japan pro wrestling, the first true invasion angle took place in NJPW. A small group led by Rusher Kimura dubbed "Shin Kokusai Gundan" or "New International Army", attempted to take on Inoki and the NJPW faithful. This is a... Continue Reading →

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