Sami Callihan.. KO-D Openweight Champion

On Wednesday 1st, Sami Callihan became the 63rd KO-D Openweight champion, defeating previous champion Shigehiro Irie in a triple threat. The title change, which came as a shock to many DDT fans, happened outside of DDT, at a Rockstar Pro show in Ohio. This was the first time the title had officially been defended outside of Japan, as well as the first time the title has changed hands outside of Japan. The title change opens up a lot of possibilities for DDT storyline wise, but the reaction to Callihan’s victory has been incredibly negative (at least from an International standpoint). Callihan is a polarising and at times controversial figure within the wrestling community, both for his in ring persona and real life personality, whilst Irie’s reign seemed on course to be something truly great.

So where do we go from here within DDT? Well Irie is still on tour in America, so there’s always the chance he wins the title back before he returns home. This doesn’t really reverse the damage done to DDT’s pride, and so still works into various narratives from a story perspective. Perhaps Irie doesn’t return as champion though, and DDT either have to send someone else to go bring back their biggest prize or bring Callihan in for a title defence, perhaps against the King of DDT winner?

Can DDT turn perceptions around with some great storytelling? We’ll just have to wait and see.

By @MikeGrindle

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