AJPW Summer Explosion Tour Preview

This year’s AJPW Summer Explosion Tour runs from 3rd to the 26th August, ending with a big show in Chiba’s Kikkoman Arena, with a Korakuen Hall show taking place on the 18th. Not only will all of AJPW’s titles will be defended during the tour, but the Junior Tag Battle Of Glory tournament will be taking place over the months events. With that in mind, lets take a look at the biggest matchups we’ll be seeing this August.

Zeus gets a huge first test


Last months Summer Action Series Tour saw the end of what was a long road for Zeus culminating in his first triple crown championship win over rival Miyahara. His very first title defence comes against none other then the former triple crown champion Shuji Ishikawa. Speaking of Miyahara though, Shuji has some business to attend to before he gets to worrying about Zeus, as he and Suwama will be defending their world tag team titles against Kento Miyahara and Yoshitatsu on the 18th in Korakuen Hall. Miyahara and Yoshitatsu beat Suwama and Ishikawa for those very titles several months ago, but those belts would soon hot potato their way back to the violent giants, through Zeus and Bodyguard, nonetheless. After everything it seems unlikely that Zeus loses his belt on his very first defence, but crazier things have certainly happened, and it should be a heck of battle between the two behemoths on the 26th. As for the tag titles, a defence for the violent giants seems the more likely outcome, but it could really go either way.

Junior Battles


Koji Iwamoto and Atsushi Aoki will meet for the second time in as many months for the AJPW Junior heavyweight championship on the 26th. Iwamtoto faced champion Aoki for the Junior title during last months Summer Actions Series tour, but was unable to dethrone the champion. However, Iwamoto managed to pin the champion during a multi tag at the end of the tour, and thus received a second shot at the belt here. Aoki has been a dominant force withing the Junior heavyweight scene for the last several year now, but the younger Iwamoto seems poised to eventually take the mantle of Junior ace of All Japan, whether that time is now though, remains to be seen. Just before their Junior title clash though, these two men will meet in tag action on the final night of the Junior Tag Battle of Glory tournament on the 25th. A full preview of that tournament, which will be running throughout the Summer explosion tour can be found here.

A Battle Of Generations


New All Asia champions Yuma Aoyagi and Naouya Nomura continue their battles with the veterans of All Japan, as they look to make their first title defence against Takao Omori and Isami Kodaka on the 26th. The youngsters continue to impress as they slowly make their way up the All Japan card, but this will be another big test for the youngsters. Nomura is also taking a page out of Ishikawa’s book and will going for singles gold as well as defending his tag titles this tour, as he challenges All Asia champion Bodyguard on the 18th. Bodyguard, who won his very first singles title at the age of 50 in Osaka last month, took a loss to Nomura in this year’s Champion Carnival tournament, and will be looking to avenge that loss with a successful title defence here.

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