The Way Back Machine: NJPW’s Best of the Super Juniors

Once New Japan Pro Wrestling’s “Wrestling Dontaku” tour winds down, “Best of the Super Juniors” will be upon us. Viewed by some fans as the G1 tournament for New Japan’s junior heavyweights, and by others as an inevitable disappointment, BOSJ has seen a significant shake-up over the last two years. Tournament mainstay and overall legend... Continue Reading →


An Interview With Dylan James

I recently had the amazing opportunity to interview Dylan James about his career in Pro Wrestling. We talk All Japan, a little Zero1 and his adventure to Taiwan and Macau. You can follow him on twitter @DJATHLETE91 ‏ CT: Let's start with you telling a little bit about yourself. How old are you? Where were you born?... Continue Reading →

Recommended Puro March 2018

March proved to be a newsworthy month for Puroresu, as AJPW launched their new streaming service, Dragon Gate announced their own streaming service and New Japan made it's return to America. Add in the big DDT Judgement show and a great New Japan cup and it was quite the month for Puroresu. Here's just some... Continue Reading →

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