Recommended Puro February 2018

February was a month where rivalries were built and storytelling progressed with many promotions looking to host big shows and matches in March. That didn’t mean we didn’t get some great wrestling this month though, with big tag team matches featuring main event talent leading the charge across the board. 

AJPW World Tag Team Title Match

Violent Giants (Shuji Ishikawa & Suwama) (c) vs. Yoshiken (Kento Miyahara & Yoshitatsu)

From AJPW Yokohama Twilight Blues Special February 3rd

The first half of this match is nothing to write home about, but the Suwama/Miyahara closing stretch makes this must watch. Old ace vs new ace rivalries are always the best, and Suwama and Miyahara add another chapter to theirs here, with Ishikawa and Yoshihatsu acting as a strong supporting cast.

IWGP Tag Team Title Match

Los Ingobernables de Japon (EVIL & SANADA) (c) vs. CHAOS (Hirooki Goto & Kazuchika Okada)

From NJPW Road To The New Beginning 6th February

One of the first NJPW tag titles matches to have a big fight feel in quite some time, even though its only really used as build towards the singles title matches. Okada and Goto aren’t regular tag partners, whilst EVIL & SANADA are a well oiled machine, and SANADA in particular is out to show he can deliver on all that potential everyone keeps talking about. It doesn’t go above and beyond what you might expect, but with these four you expect quite a lot.

Open The Dream Gate Title Match

Masaaki Mochizuki (c) vs. Kzy

From Dragon Gate Road To Final 7th February

This match is something of a coming out moment for Kzy, as he proves his worth in front of a red hot crowd. It’s Dragon Gate so of course it’s all done at a breakneck speed with lots of impressive moves, but keep up as there’s plenty of good storytelling here as Kzy just keeps on finding an answer to everything Mochizuki does.

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title Match

Will Ospreay vs Hiromu Takahashi

From NJPW The New Beginning 10th February

Will Ospreay is a man who divides a lot of opinion and yes if you go into this match looking for things that are wrong with it you will find them. If this style of wrestling is up your alley however, then this is just a lot of fun plain and simple. It’s pretty much expected now that we get at least one great mouth opening NJPW Juniors match a month, and this is that match for February.

IWGP World Heavyweight Title Match

Okada (c) vs SANADA

From NJPW The New Beginning 10th February

You know an Okada title defence is going to be good at it’s very worse, but the crowd just isn’t into it at first, perhaps feeling SANADA is unlikely to defeat him. Okada works the crowd over great though, going into full blown cocky Okada mode, so when SANADA makes his explosive comeback the crowd comes to life and are right there behind him. The closing stretch is brilliant, full of lots of little call backs to Okada’s Naito matches and there’s a perfect bit of selling near the end as someone fails to make the pin.

WRESTLE-1 Result Title Match

Takanori Ito (c) vs. Jiro Kuroshio

From Wrestle-1 W-Impact 14th February

Too often smaller Japanese wrestling shows get all out “super indie” main events, with wrestlers acting like its the Tokyo Dome, crowding the match with multiple finishers and crazy moves. This is fine, but here Kuroshio and Ito put on a heck of a great main event without doing half of that, by just doing what they do choose to do well. Kuroshio is a showman before anything else but he’s also very talented, perhaps deceivingly so and he makes this match his. Ito meanwhile is a no-nonsense guy (the time taken for each of their entrances really tells the story) and Kuroshio’s antics clearly begin to get into his head. Those very antics will put some people off, but stick with it as the real action soon arrives.

Meiko Satomura vs. Toni Storm

From Stardom Queen’s Fest 18th February

Now this is how you put on a mat wrestling classic. Holds are teased and returned to, momentum shifts at all the right moments, everything looks devastating, and there’s enough striking and power moves thrown in to mesh it all together nicely. If you want to watch some old school, high quality wrestling, then this is for you.

Wonder Of Stardom Title Match

Io Shirai (c) vs. Momo Watanabe

From Stardom Queen’s Fest 18th February

Momo Watanabe might just be the future face of the company, but stablemate Io isn’t interested in potential, she wants to see her at her best. Watanabe soon proves she’s got what it takes to give Io a run for her money, and some brilliant action follows. Get ready for a whole bunch of 2.9 second pins, and edge of your seat submission, as Watanabe homes in on that big upset.

The Golden Lovers (Kota Ibushi & Kenny Omega) vs Cody & Marty Scrull

From NJPW/ROH Honour Rising 24th February

From a purely in-ring perspective this is one of the weaker matches on this list. Omega and Ibushi still need some time to gel again and there’s a few mistakes from both sides. The hottest storyline (or storylines) in all of wrestling, four great characters and one of the hottest Korueken Hall crowds you’ve ever seen make this must watch though. The Golden Lovers are what everyone came to see but it is Cody who truly steals the show. Too many heels come off as too likeable or “edgy” whilst others overdo it and lose all legitimacy with cartoon-like antics. Cody is simply despicable and unlikable in every way, you can take a step back and respect his work but when the bell rings you want him to lose in the worst way.

Konosuke Takeshita & HARASHIMA vs. Shuji Ishikawa & Daisuke Sekimoto

From DDT into the fight 25th February

The DDT Grand Prix winner Ishikawa and Takeshita have an upcoming title match, but before we get to that we have this great main event tag match to enjoy. Ishikawa and Seikimoto look to brutalise their smaller opponents with their usual no nonsense smash mouth style but Takeshita & HARASHIMA don’t back down in the slightest, with Takashita going so far as to trade lariats with the bigger Ishikawa.


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  1. I watched the Masaaki Mochizuki vs. Kzy match and really enjoyed it. It was my first time watching Dragon Gate and I’m sure I’ll be watching again if this one is anything to go on.

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