January 1990 Recommended Puro

Not a big month for Japanese wrestling. NJPW were building up towards the Tokyo Dome show and also held a Junior heavyweight tournament. The big news in AJPW meanwhile is the return of Tiger Mask and the continuation of the Jumbo/Tenryu feud.

Tenryu & Kawada V Jumbo Tsuruta & Isao Takagi

From AJPW- New Year Giant Series 20th January


Any Jumbo vs Tenryu tag is goo and this is the best of this months offerings. Their hatred for eachother cannot be contained, but Tenryu has enough hatred to spare he decided to after people not even involved in the match! A good showing for the young Takagi too.

Tenryu vs Isao Takagi

From AJPW- New Year Giant Series 28th January


Takagi got on Tenryu’s bad side (his only side really) and Tenryu is going to make him pay. Takagi is fearless though and the young lion is going to bring the fight. Tenryu is not impressed however.

IWGP Junior Heavyweight challenger Tournament final

Jushin Thunder Liger VS Owen Hart

From NJPW- New Spring Gold Series 30th January


You know with these two there’s going to be some good technical wrestling, but they bring in the big hits around the closing stretch, including a painful looking dive from Owen to Liger. Part of a tournament NJPW held to crown a new no.1 contender, and this is the best match from the whole tournament.

IWGP Jr. title Match

Naoki Sano (c) vs Jushin Thunder Liger

From NJPW- New Spring Gold Series 31st January


These two have a history going into this and this is the conclusion to their series. Liger starts off well enough but soon ends up unmasked and bloody as the drama rises. If you haven’t seen their other matches, then this isn’t anything to lose your mind over quality rise, but it is a satisfying conclusion to their feud.

IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championship Match

Masa Saito & Shinya Hashimoto (c) vs. Big Van Vader & Great Kokina

From NJPW- New Spring Gold Series 31st January


Vader and Kokina the unstoppable behemoths, Hashimoto & Saito the heroes and champions. This one is a lot of fun if you take it for what it is- a big 80s style, hero vs villain main event in front of a big crowd. Hashimoto starts things off hot, and later Masa Saito does a great Hulking-up impression. The Gaijins meanwhile are simply looking to crush.


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