NJPW G1 Climax Recap

So another G1 has come and gone and once again we were treated to some breathtaking matches throughout. Much like last year however, it wasn't just great matches that made this tournament so incredible, but the multiple narratives and storylines that played out over the course of the tournament, from Juice Robinson's injured hand, to... Continue Reading →


Sami Callihan.. KO-D Openweight Champion

On Wednesday 1st, Sami Callihan became the 63rd KO-D Openweight champion, defeating previous champion Shigehiro Irie in a triple threat. The title change, which came as a shock to many DDT fans, happened outside of DDT, at a Rockstar Pro show in Ohio. This was the first time the title had officially been defended outside of... Continue Reading →

AJPW Summer Explosion Tour Preview

This year's AJPW Summer Explosion Tour runs from 3rd to the 26th August, ending with a big show in Chiba's Kikkoman Arena, with a Korakuen Hall show taking place on the 18th. Not only will all of AJPW's titles will be defended during the tour, but the Junior Tag Battle Of Glory tournament will be... Continue Reading →

AJPW Junior Tag Battle Of Glory Preview

The Annual Junior Tag Battle Of Glory (previously known simply as Junior tag league) will be taking place over the course of All Japan's Summer Explosion tour this August, starting on the 3rd and concluding on the 25th. This year's tournament will feature seven teams made up of not only All Japan Junior heavyweights, but... Continue Reading →

AJPW Summer Action Series: Tour Recap

Taking place between the 15th to the 29th July, and ending with a big show in the EDION Arena Osaka, AJPW's Summer action series proved to be one of the promotions most eventful tours this year. Each of the promotions six titles would be defended over the course of the tour, with all but two of... Continue Reading →

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